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The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”

    - W.B. Yeats

Classes and workshops 2024
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Practice reviving your greater aliveness, fuller presence and truer nature,


Living life more directly through our senses helps reduce unhealthy stress and tension as it revives the deeper vitality and wisdom of the organism that we are.


As the doors of our perception open wider the limitations of our habitual patterns and attitudes fall away and our fuller potential becomes revealed.


Becoming more fully embodied and awake in the here-and-now frees up those latent energies of creativity, resilience and playfulness we once had in our youth. 


For over 65 years the long respected somatic practice of Sensory Awareness* has helped thousands of students worldwide rediscover a deeper sense of authenticity and natural ease. 

* What is Sensory Awareness?


The practice of Sensory Awareness helps free us from habitual ways we are limited in our perception and in our everyday functioning. Its experiential approach offers a self-empowering way to regain fresher and fuller embodied aliveness.


Through exploring deceptively simple experiments in perception, often involving common activities, we focus on quieting the mind while attending more consciously to what we are actually sensing in the present moment. 

In this way we gradually  reawaken and renew the rich and multifaceted realm of our sensory perception and physicality, more deeply experiencing the dynamics of breath, movement, posture, gravity, body image, vitality and much, much more.

For more information about Sensory Awareness click on SAF.

 Reclaiming Your Truer Nature.


My classes and workshops offer experiential explorations in Sensory Awareness*, a long respected form of body/mind re-education, that helps restore our capacity for fresher perception, deeper connection and freer natural functioning.

My work focuses on reviving our fuller somatic intelligence and human potential. Through the meditative like approach of Sensory Awareness students are guided in simple and safe explorations in sensory perception sometimes combined with mindful movement and personal confidential writing.

Over many years' I've witnessed how as our sense-ability deepens, our truer nature becomes more present and we become freer from the dysfunctional habits, tensions and distorted perceptions that have limited our truer self. Many students have reported improvements in posture, attitude, stress management and overall wellbeing.


"Richard Lowe has found a useful and unique way to meld the meditative approach of Sensory Awareness and psychotherapy. His work is unifying for the student and guides us ever so gently to our inner treasures, helping us release mind/body baggage so that we may live more freely. I feel lucky to have him as a teacher."

                          Etta, psychologist and artist


“Richard brings compassion, heart, spontaneity, skill and sensitivity to his leading of Sensory Awareness. His warm, clear, strong, and open heart leads the group to connect with themselves, with each other, and with all that surrounds. In his classes he creates a safe container in which you learn to better know yourself, tap into your own creativity, and become more fully grounded in the present.”

                          Cathy, Author 


When we're more fully oriented in our senses our truer self unfolds and we begin to live more from the core of our natural authenticity. 


As we come home to the natural world around us and within us we become more fully embodied as a living part of nature.

The very basis of the work is that everything we do can come always anew… always sensitively anew, to be discovered and realized. Discoveries can happen anywhere. It doesn’t make any difference what you do. The question is not what you do, but how you do it.”  

                                                   -  Charlotte Selver

Classes and workshops:

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Greater Vitality and Balance:

Sensory Awareness and private writing

Reclaiming greater balance in body, mind and spirit.

Explorations in Sensory Awareness, mindful movement and writing will be offered to help you: 

-  Strengthen your sense of balance and grounding as you become more fully embodied and freshly alive in the present moment.

-  Rediscover the vitality and self righting wisdom of your own nature.

Some time for journaling will be offered to help better deepen and integrate your experience. Any such writing will be optional and need not be shared. 

To sign up for Zoom online class:

email me at, or call 415 302-9801.

Classes on Zoom:

Sunday 9:00 am -10:30 Pacific Standard Time 

6/2, 6/16, 6/30, 2024


$50 for series or $25 per drop in class.  

(You can start at any time, but the entire series is recommended for maximum benefit.) 



via your bank through Zelle

or pay through: PayPal/Fullersense

or mail to 1835 San Jose Ave., Alameda CA 94501


For more info. or to sign up

contact Richard at:

or at 415-302-9801

email to get link to join Zoom Meeting.

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