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Richard Lowe was authorized by Charlotte Selver in 1979 to lead others in the study of Sensory Awareness after many years of extensive study with her and her husband Charles V.W. Brooks.  


A past Executive Director of the Sensory Awareness Foundation, he also co-edited Reclaiming Vitality and Presence: Sensory Awareness as a Practice for Life, and served as the first president of the Sensory Awareness Leaders' Guild. Additional related intensive studies include Breath Awareness Therapy with Magda Proskauer and graduate training in Dance/Movement Therapy at J.F.K. University.


Drawing from his over 30 years as a licensed psychotherapist (now retired) Richard strives to cultivate a safe and supportive group atmosphere in which people can feel empowered to explore the truth of their own somatic experience. 


He believes in the health promoting power of this kind of somatic exploration and in its restorative and rebalancing affects for both body and mind. He finds this way of working helps to calm our too often over stimulated fight-or-flight response, while helping loosen up unhealthy, restricting habits and attitudes, increasing the capacity for fuller relaxed presence, openness and resilience.


He also believes that as our sense-ability deepens our embodied nature reawakens and we become freer from those dysfunctional habits, tensions and distorted perceptions that too often limit our potential. 

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